Steel Cable Containment

Steel Cable Containment

Steel Cable Containment
Ciara McNerney

Ciara McNerney

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Ensure your cabling is safe, accessible, and protected with our steel cable containment solutions. Fast and simple to install, and totally dependable over the life of your building.

Steel Cable Containment tailored to your environment

Data Centre or Power Station?

Internal or aggressive environments, standard or fire-rated systems.

Our steel cable containment solutions offer a comprehensive range that is robust but is also extremely quick and easy to install. We offer both standard and fire-rated containment systems that can be used in either internal or external environments, assuring you of safe and reliable cable protection whatever your type of project.

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OBO Pump House Containment

Efficient installation on your schedule

Even the best-planned construction project needs to save time and resources wherever possible, and we can guarantee you prompt, efficient, minimal installation thanks to the OBO GR-Magic® Tray and Basket, which forms the backbone of our containment system.

Offering true system innovation, this patented connection system can be applied and inserted in seconds. Align, press, it’s locked- and certified earth-bonded.

Minimise staff and equipment, cut installation time and eliminate long clean-up periods without sacrificing strength or scalability – a truly lean solution.

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OBO RKSM Magic Tray

Technology to streamline your deadlines

Our cable containment solutions drastically reduce total installation costs while still guaranteeing flexibility and high performance. Whether you choose a standard or fire-rated system, you can be sure that your cabling will be completely protected and fully responsive.

Innovative – the simple connection system enables fast and organised side-loading of cables, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Minimal – without the need for special staff, tools or connectors, and with no excess waste to clean up afterwards, the time and effort needed to install our system is truly minimal.

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Quick, efficient, cost-effective

Our steel containment solution is everything you need to achieve your project goals on time and within budget.

Compatible – we supply complete systems, not separate products, so you know all the components are completely compatible.

Scalable – the modular and easily accessible design makes it easy to extend and expand your cable containment system with minimum disruption to your operations.

Future-proof – our systems meet the very highest safety standards, ensuring that your building will comply with regulations for years to come.

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OBO Brackets RKSM Tray Pumphouse

Designed to suit all applications

Whether you are cabling a neutral environment, such as a data centre or office block, or an aggressive environment, such as a power station or outdoor installation, our tailored cable containment solutions will ensure that you meet – and even exceed – all your regulatory obligations when it comes to protecting your electrical cabling.

Rugged – capable of carrying high loads in high-traffic areas, our systems are designed, manufactured and installed to protect your building even on its highest demand days.

Durable – manufactured from the latest materials and to the highest specifications, our solutions provide long-lasting protection from wear, dirt and corrosion, improving the safety and reliability of your electrical systems.

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Safe evacuation, effective fire fighting 

To maintain the integrity of the system circuit in an emergency, and comply with safety regulations, it is imperative that all electrical components which provide or support life-safety systems are installed within the build fabric.

Our fire-rated solutions comply with relevant requirements I.S 3218 and I.S 10101:2020. They are also fully tested to DIN 4102 part 12. This means that, as part of your commercial building’s active fire safety system, our cable containment solutions help to limit the spread of fire and maintain power to critical circuits to protect escape routes and assist firefighters.

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Design, enhance, improve

As system designers and exclusive distributors for OBO KTS, we are the people best qualified to help you with your containment installation and ensure its compliance and safety.

We provide your teams with all the product training and design support you need. Our fully tested, certified and traceable systems are complemented by our technical backup. Our sales support services include operative training and on-site supervision. This support is available throughout the lifespan of the whole project.

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Steel Cable Containment Solutions X OBO Betterman

The OBO GR-Magic® Tray and Basket is the best connectable cable tray that the OBO engineers have ever developed in terms of simplifying work and saving time. Thanks to OBO’s consistent focus on the requirements of daily installation work, the RKS Magic®, with its innovative connection system, brings many practical benefits.

The Magic® cable tray system from OBO Bettermann adheres to three basic principles: efficiency, stability and safety. Just connect, engage – and you’re done. Without screws, connectors or other accessory parts, you can increase your mounting speed noticeably and effectively.



Customer Testimonial

Solutions’ product knowledge and attention to detail are key to the seamless execution of a project. They go the extra mile to provide continuous support from specification to handover and including during installation times. This can be critical when it comes to hand over projects on time.’

John Hannick
Mercury Engineering, European Construction Manager

Containment Projects

Brand Partner

OBO Bettermann

A leading manufacturer of cable containment systems and bracketry solutions for electrical equipment in buildings and systems, OBO Bettermann supports the electrical infrastructure of buildings around the world.

Sharing our commitment to a greener and fairer industry, OBO organises its procurement process with a focus on social and environmental sustainability, and is constantly reviewing and refining its manufacturing to lower emissions and reduce waste. As specialist suppliers for OBO Bettermann in Ireland, we believe we are connecting our clients with the very best.

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From its roots in the agricultural fencing sector, Gripple’s innovation and commitment to quality have seen it grow to become a globally recognized manufacturer of wire joiners and tensioners as well as suspension solutions for construction.

We are delighted to work with Gripple as specialist suppliers for their products in Ireland.

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Steel Cable Containment

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