Modular Wiring

Modular Wiring

Modular Wiring
Jay Byrne

Jay Byrne

Solutions Controls Manager
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Manufactured and tested off-site for fast installation on-site, our modular wiring solutions reduce costs and improve efficiency during your project and across the life of the building.

Efficient installation, outstanding performance

Modular wiring is a prefabricated wiring system that is simply plug-and-play from the distribution board to the furthest point on every circuit.

Providing instant, reliable power connections to every part of your building, no matter its size, our modular wiring solutions are the answer to tight project deadlines and the need for instant performance.

Planned, tested and constructed in a quality controlled environment, our modular wiring solutions arrive at your site ready to slot into place – no expert installers required.

General services, intelligent lighting, building automation and other systems are powered and ready to use in a fraction of the time of a traditional electrical installation, smoothing the transition from construction to operation in a truly soft landing.

We can tailor a modular wiring solution to your exact needs that will bring instant benefits and serve your building for years to come.


Core Solutions Modular Wiring Spur Install

Streamlined installation, instant connection

Because it’s prefabricated, pre-tested, and completely plug-and-play, our modular wiring solution will cut installation time and costs and ensure that the transition from installation to regular use is seamless.

The benefits of modular wiring are

Lean – quick and easy to install, our solutions reduce installation times by up to 70% and require no specialist electrical installers.

Sustainable – no wasted materials, no excess packaging and no post-installation clean-up mean that your modular wiring solution is cleaner and greener from the start.

Scalable – the zoned nature of a modular system means you can adjust, expand or extend your system with ease without interruption or disruption to existing users at anytime.

Plug-and-play – we supply systems, not individual components, so all elements of your modular wiring solution are compatible with each other for seamless, instant connections.



Core Solutions Modular Wiring Droplead

Design, plan, succeed

The success of any modular wiring project is in the planning stage. As the experts in large-scale electrical installations, and exclusive distributors for Wieland Electric in Ireland, we have the products and the expertise you need to ensure a fully compatible and future-proof design, smooth installation and a seamless transition to trouble-free operation.

With our team guiding the project, your costs will be reduced and fully predictable and your solution will not only meet the needs of your building now but prepare you for the future. We provide full training and support during installation and handover, with supervisors on-site to ensure all agreed project targets are met. Following handover, we are on hand to make sure your transition to everyday operation is seamless and your modular wiring solution continues to serve your building for years to come.


Core Solutions Modular Wiring Wall Drop

The future is modular

Wieland’s Metalynx2 6-pole 32amp circular connector is designed and manufactured to the highest specifications to easily support a extensive range of modular wiring lighting and power solutions.

Standard or UPS power  – Unrivalled flexibility compared to traditional wiring methods – General Services, Busbars, Luminaire, Fan Coils, Skids just plugs in.

Smart lighting control – compatible with industry standards such as KNX and DALI, our modular wiring solution provides the backbone of the most advanced intelligent lighting systems.

Wire now, connect later – building automation only scratches the surface of the possibilities of IoT technology. We can’t predict what will be available in five or ten years’ time. We do know that with a well-designed, high-spec modular wiring solution in place, your building will be ready for the future.

Core Solutions Lighting Modular Wiring Homerun

Bespoke modular wiring

Here at Solutions, we are passionate about what we do. We understand the industry’s ever-changing needs. Our systems allow our clients to better future-proof their facilities.

We work with our clients from the design stage right through to the final application to ensure every system is tailor-made to suit your requirements. We maintain our relationship even after the job is complete and offer full maintenance packages to ensure our clients needs are met and expectations are exceeded


Modular Wiring Underfloor Homerun and Busbar

Solutions X Wieland

Metalynx2 is the new 6-pole circular structured wiring system by Wieland Electric.
It is designed to fulfill the needs of installations in Europe. With a wide range of coding for different applications, it allows simple, fast, and fail-safe installations.

Customer Testimonial

Today, we at Jones Engineering reached a pivotal Milestone, we handed over the last of a 3 bundle, Hospital Project. Core Solutions assisted with this not only as part of the material supply chain but as a valued partner in the design and installation of the Modular Wiring Systems. We thank you for your professionalism and look forward to working with you in the future.



Eoin Brown
Division Manager, Jones Engineering

Brand Partner

Wieland Electric are pioneers in the world of electrical connections and retain a commitment to sustainable innovation that is delivered quickly and efficiently. Our modular wiring solutions are built around Wieland products.

The world market leader for pluggable electrical installations in the field of building technology, Wieland has been supporting industry and agriculture for over a century. Their products and support are second to none. Their Metalynx2 6-pole circular structured wiring system is designed to meet the highest specifications. Featuring a range of coding for different applications, it provides simple, fast, and fail-safe installations.

Industry Sectors

Data Centres

Our wealth of experience working on some of Europe’s key data centres makes us an ideal partner for these highly specialized projects. Data centres need to draw a large amount of power reliably and safely, while also being sustainable and economical. Working with our brand partners, we can deliver the high-quality solutions that data centres need to ensure operational excellence and business continuity for their customers.

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By supplying modular, prefabricated and totally contained electrical solutions, we help pharma facilities to maintain ultra-high safety and hygiene standards without compromising on accessibility or flexibility in their cabling systems.

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Commercial & Offices

From turnkey multinational headquarters to shell and core fit-outs, we are experts at designing and delivering electrical solutions for any type of office space or commercial building. With forty years of experience as engineers, designers and suppliers of high-quality electrical solutions, we deliver world-class electrical projects on time, on budget and to the most exacting standards.

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As the experts in designing and supplying robust, versatile, economical power solutions that encompass any type of environment, we are the ideal choice for buildings that need to serve large numbers of people on a day-to-day basis.

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Our systems combine cutting-edge hardware and software with a range of powerful user controls and interfaces.Our knowledgeable and skilled team has extensive experience in completing large-scale residential projects, and we are confident that our prefabricated, modular solutions can deliver the fast results and high standards that specifiers in this sector require.

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