Streamlined Logistics

We provide logistical support for optimised installations, improving time management, and reducing costs. We have depots here in Ireland and across Europe to guarantee you the most efficient delivery options for your project.

Streamlined Logistics

The modular nature of our electrical systems and solutions allow us to greatly streamline the logistics process, which saves time and reduces costs at the installation stage of any project.

Our modular solutions are prefabricated, then disassembled and clearly labeled before being delivered to the site. Everything is measured, cut and ready to be installed – no need for special tools or equipment to be delivered or stored ahead of time.

We will coordinate deliveries so that our material arrives exactly where it is needed when it is needed. Because it is pretested and quick to assemble, there is no need for long lead times or extra material. Installation is clean and fast, and we also keep the packaging to an absolute minimum, so there is no lengthy clean-up or waste disposal period after the installation is complete.

We keep a stock of components at our own premises, too, so the materials are available immediately, without waiting for shipments from overseas.

Core Solutions Warehouse Logistics

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