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Ciara McNerney

Ciara McNerney

Solutions Power & Steel Manager
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Imagine truly smart living spaces, powered by future-proof technology and accessed through flawlessly designed products to suit every taste and design scheme. Get inspired!

Timeless elegance, versatile materials

We partner with JUNG, the premier name in modern building technology for over a century, to bring you superior, German-made accessories to fit every type of space. Contemporary or classic, high-concept or minimalist, our simple, precision-engineered products will blend harmoniously into your interior to create a beautiful, fully responsive environment.


Intelligent, responsive, seamless

By adding the latest KNX functionality to our products, we can help you to tailor an intelligent living space that understands and responds to its residents’ needs. No more isolated appliances or complicated remotes and buttons – instead, the professional JUNG smart home, built on the globally accepted KNX standard, is a haven of seamlessly integrated, intuitive control in every room.

From basic configurations to high-end comfort solutions, everything is possible, both now and later – KNX is not only secure and versatile, but also future-proof, meaning new components can be added to the JUNG smart home at any time.


Exceptional homes, attainable luxury

From simple lighting, climate and door-entry management to the wireless JUNG eNet Smart Home and the wired KNX system, what unifies all JUNG Smart Home systems is the way they combine the very latest technology, functionality and ease of operation with exceptional, flexible and elegant design.

Whether you need switches, sockets, panels, apps or an entire home-control system, you can rely on every element of a JUNG smart home to be fully secure, compatible and simple to use while also maintaining the highest levels of taste and quality. JUNG products truly marry the worlds of sophisticated design and advanced technology in an exemplary manner.


Intelligent, welcoming solutions for a perfect stay

Hotels present a unique challenge to designers, architects and engineers alike – they need to combine the technical sophistication of a high-end commercial space with the welcoming familiarity of home. With our know-how and JUNG solutions, you can be assured of the optimal blend of seamless comfort for guests and controlled processes for staff.

Clear, responsive, convenient in-room features meet practical and luxurious touches in all the public and private spaces of the hotel to make guests feel secure, relaxed and pampered. At the same time, efficient and cost-effective control systems throughout the hotel ensure that staff are supported, connected and motivated in their work.


JUNG and Les Couleurs® from Le Corbusier

One of the most important architects of the 20th century, Le Corbusier was as concerned with colour as he was with the form or layout of a building. He demonstrated this by creating a colour system that has yet to be equalled. His Polychromie Architecturale colour collection features 63 colours, all found in nature, that can be harmoniously combined with each other to enhance the design of any room.

As the exclusive distributor for JUNG in Ireland, it is our privilege to offer the classic LS 990 switch in the 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, as well as other essential JUNG smart home products.



We are exclusively offering our classic LS 990 switch in the 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours worldwide. Le Corbusier is considered to be one of the most significant architects of the 20th century. What is so special about his colour system is that each of the 63 colours can be combined with any other in the system.

Customer Testimonial

A trusted partner of ours for over 10 years. Ciara and her team at Core Solutions provide service levels well above what is expected of them, and the proactive nature of how they operate and respond to anything technical just makes our lives easier.

Declan McDonnell
Director - MJ Flood Interiors

Systems in Action

Brand Partner


JUNG is a premium supplier of modern building technology. Lighting, blinds, air conditioning, energy, security, door communication and multimedia – the functional diversity of JUNG systems covers all areas of modern electrical installation.

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Industry Sectors

Commercial & Offices

From turnkey multinational headquarters to shell and core fit-outs, we are experts at designing and delivering electrical solutions for any type of office space or commercial building. With forty years of experience as engineers, designers and suppliers of high-quality electrical solutions, we deliver world-class electrical projects on time, on budget and to the most exacting standards.

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As the experts in designing and supplying robust, versatile, economical power solutions that encompass any type of environment, we are the ideal choice for buildings that need to serve large numbers of people on a day-to-day basis.

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Our systems combine cutting-edge hardware and software with a range of powerful user controls and interfaces.Our knowledgeable and skilled team has extensive experience in completing large-scale residential projects, and we are confident that our prefabricated, modular solutions can deliver the fast results and high standards that specifiers in this sector require.

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