Underfloor Power

Underfloor Power

Underfloor Power
Ciara McNerney

Ciara McNerney

Solutions Power & Steel Manager
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When you need reliable power with fast installation times and flexible configuration possibilities, our underfloor wiring solutions will ensure you make the very best use of any space.

Complete coverage, reliable supply

Whatever your workplace enviroment, our range of fully pluggable, prefabricated underfloor wiring solutions will deliver the power you need at any point on your floor.

Create an agile space with full access to power so that you can move furniture, add working devices, or offer accessible workstation charging even in the middle of the largest floors. Use your floor power to set up temporary workstations for hot-desking, maintenance or presentations that are just as well connected as any permanent station in your building, without any trailing cables or trip hazards.

Our underfloor cabling solutions will reduce your installation time and costs and streamline maintenance or future reconfiguration of your space.



Timely installation, efficient operation

The flexibility of our underfloor solution makes it ideal for any scale of fit-out, and means we can install it at any stage of the process. Whether you are the end user of the building, or you rent out space for others to use as they need, our systems will give you the peace of mind of a fully pre-wired and pre-tested system that complies with all applicable technical and safety standards.

The modular nature of our solution means that future changes, upgrades or extensions to the system can be made quickly and efficiently, with no disruption to the existing users.

Solutions CMD Powertrack Desk Modules Floorbox

Floor boxes to suit every style of building

From rugged industrial environments where durability and versatility are at a premium, to hotels, luxury homes and listed buildings where elegant, discreet finishings are essential to set off a project, we can supply not just the underfloor power, but the user-facing components also.

Choose from a wide range of floor boxes, grommets and plates to suit your building’s aesthetic and regulatory considerations. We can accommodate every depth and configuration of floor space and will tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Our expert team will work closely with your fitters to ensure that every connection is functional, compact and in keeping with its surroundings.

Solutions Cableduct 700 Series Marble Floorbox

Tailored solutions, measurable benefits

Bringing us in at the planning stage of your project enables you to take full advantage of our 25 years’ experience in supplying, installing and maintaining underfloor power distribution systems. As well as offering complete support and advice on individual products and components, we will work with you on a bespoke solution that answers all architectural, technical and business needs.

We provide full product training and support to your teams as needed, including operative training and on-site supervision for the life of your project. Your transition from installation to operation will be smooth and seamless thanks to our guaranteed products, expertise and ongoing commitment to our clients.

Solutions OBO UDHOME Wood Floorbox

Bespoke underfloor solutions

Here at Solutions, we consult on design, supply and support a solution for every underfloor to desk application within your building.

As experts on specialised underfloor fit-outs, particularly in-screed (or screeded) systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer you complete satisfaction.

We have a unique range of bespoke floor boxes tailor-made to suit your requirements. We supply hotel receptions, office spaces, listed buildings as well as car showrooms.

Our comprehensive underfloor power solutions enhance the efficiency of your power distribution, streamline your installation and minimise distribution to the network during upgrades or maintenance, bringing substantial performance and cost benefits.


Solutions OBO EUK Screed Trunking

Solutions X CMD

From underfloor busbar systems right through the top of the desk, we offer complete office fit-out solutions to bring efficient access to power, data and multimedia connections.

Customer Testimonials

Knowledge and experience when installing specialist systems is critical when carrying out any project. The team at Core Solutions always offer huge support from the early pre-construction stage, during the installation and right through to commissioning and handover. They can help to bring ideas and solutions to a project. While working closely with your site team; planning and just in time deliveries are managed which always benefits the installation. End-user training and demonstrations are carried out in conjunction with the project team which helps to leave a combined lasting impression on your client.

Ciaran Cotter
Contracts Manager, Designer Group

Underfloor Systems In Action

With a focus on quality, sustainability, and responsible production, our partners – CMD, Wieland, and Cableduct – are renowned as providers of the very best power solutions. We supply, install and support the full range of CMD, Wieland and Cableduct products in Ireland as well as integrate them into our bespoke solutions.


Creating solutions to meet the challenges of integrating power and media access for office workers, CMD provides a total product range of underfloor busbars, floor boxes, desk power and data modules. They are also ergonomics experts, offering CPU supports, monitor arms and cable management systems that enhance workplaces and mitigate the strains and stresses of desk work. Their products and systems are designed for quick and easy installations and are adaptable for contractors, clients and end-users.

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The world market leader for pluggable electrical installations in the field of building technology, Wieland has been supporting industry and agriculture for over a century. Their products and support are second to none. Like us, Wieland is committed to quality, innovation and speed in every area of its business.


The manufacturer of the largest range of standard cable management products in the UK, Cableduct put effort and skill into everything they produce, from trunking and pedestal boxes to floor boxes and outlet boxes in a vast array of finishes and sizes.

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Industry Sectors

Commercial & Offices

From turnkey multinational headquarters to shell and core fit-outs, we are experts at designing and delivering electrical solutions for any type of office space or commercial building. With forty years of experience as engineers, designers and suppliers of high-quality electrical solutions, we deliver world-class electrical projects on time, on budget and to the most exacting standards.

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As the experts in designing and supplying robust, versatile, economical power solutions that encompass any type of environment, we are the ideal choice for buildings that need to serve large numbers of people on a day-to-day basis.

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Our systems combine cutting-edge hardware and software with a range of powerful user controls and interfaces.Our knowledgeable and skilled team has extensive experience in completing large-scale residential projects, and we are confident that our prefabricated, modular solutions can deliver the fast results and high standards that specifiers in this sector require.

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Data Centres

Our wealth of experience working on some of Europe’s key data centres makes us an ideal partner for these highly specialized projects. Data centres need to draw a large amount of power reliably and safely, while also being sustainable and economical. Working with our brand partners, we can deliver the high-quality solutions that data centres need to ensure operational excellence and business continuity for their customers.

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By supplying modular, prefabricated and totally contained electrical solutions, we help pharma facilities to maintain ultra-high safety and hygiene standards without compromising on accessibility or flexibility in their cabling systems.

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