Commissioning and Maintenance

Even the best building and lighting management system requires commissioning and a degree of maintenance, and our team offers full-service contracts that include ongoing monitoring, periodic maintenance, reactive callouts and product upgrades.

Commissioning and Maintenance

We will work with you to outline a clear route from construction to operations, ensuring that your system operates as intended and complies with all regulations.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing building or constructing a new one, our experienced, highly trained, and fully certified team of engineers can provide expert commissioning services for your electrical systems.

Plan – we will work with you to outline a clear route from construction to operations.

Test and check – we will test your electrical systems to ensure that they function as intended.

Certify – we provide all the certifications to verify that the system operates as intended and complies with all regulations.

Document – we document the entire process, clearly and in detail, to ensure full transparency and compliance.

Our team refreshes its training and credentials regularly, so we are fully up to date with all the safety, fire and sustainability regulations your building needs to comply with.

Core Solutions DALI Lighting Control Commissioning Engineer

Our full-service maintenance contracts will keep your building and energy management system (BEMS) running smoothly, ensuring full performance with minimal disruption and energy consumption over the life of your installation.

Ongoing monitoring – we check the monitoring logs and reports of your BEMS to ensure that all systems and equipment are operating properly. Any faults or defects can be addressed reactively or as part of periodic maintenance, depending on your service-level agreement (SLA).

Periodic maintenance – a team carries out maintenance and repairs on a fixed schedule that can also include optimizing system performance, testing alarms and emergency systems and taking backups of BEMS software in case of failure.

Reactive callouts – for problems that need an immediate fix, our team is on call for clients with a service contract, any time of day, all year round. We will keep you fully informed of the extent and cost of any reactive or emergency work.

Updates and upgrades – in consultation with our clients, we can look after updating and upgrading the firmware, operating systems and security features that keep a BEMS operational and secure.

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