By supplying modular, prefabricated and totally contained electrical solutions, we help pharma facilities to maintain ultra-high safety and hygiene standards without compromising on accessibility or flexibility in their cabling systems.


By supplying modular, prefabricated and totally contained electrical solutions, we help pharma facilities to maintain ultra-high safety and hygiene standards without compromising on accessibility or flexibility in their cabling systems.

Pharmaceutical clean rooms and production plants must adhere to some of the most stringent hygiene and safety standards in construction, while still ensuring that installations are fast, efficient and cost-effective, and that cabling is reliable, accessible and scalable. As an ISO 9001 company, we are meticulous in our processes, ensuring our completed solutions comply with all relevant regulations while still delivering a lean, cost-effective installation.

Cable management – we offer bespoke solutions for the most exacting cable management needs. We can accommodate unusual building dimensions, extra secure routing and flexible, fuss-free expansion while still offering fast, efficient installation.

Fire safety – our prefabricated, fire-rated steel cable containment solutions ensure the highest levels of protection for essential systems during any emergency. They also keep cabling clean, safe and organised to reduce fire risk.

Underfloor and modular wiring – streamline installation, expansion, maintenance and upgrades with our underfloor and modular wiring solutions. Pinpoint problem sections, change how the space is used or add new sections with minimal disruption or interruption to operations.

Automated, self-monitoring lighting and access – control access to secure environments while providing automatic entry, lighting and climate control for authorised visitors.

EV charging – offer staff, visitors or delivery fleets the option of fast, clean charging on site. Our EV charging solutions are fast and easy to install and can be expanded and adapted simply and cleanly.

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We understand that the electrical needs of specifiers and project managers in this highly specialised sector go far beyond construction. As well as ensuring a first-class installation, we offer a range of essential services to ensure that the electrical systems run smoothly from planning and construction to the first day of operations and throughout the life of the building.

Expert consultation and design – we are ready to offer our expertise and experience at any stage of the planning, design or tendering process.

Lean installation – we keep a large supply of components in stock and can begin building bespoke modular solutions as soon as they are needed. Installation is fast, efficient and clean, allowing us to offer real project acceleration with excellent results.

Testing and commissioning – our solutions and installations are manufactured and tested to meet the highest standards on sustainability (such as LEED/BREEAM) and fire safety (such as I.S.10101:2020). We also meet all relevant health and safety standards for ensuring access to electrical equipment during installation and maintenance.

Monitoring, maintenance and support – by building our solutions around industry-standard open protocols such as DALI, KNX, LON and BACnet, we produce networks that can monitor themselves and report any changes or faults that require human attention. We can also perform regular upgrades or security audits as required.


We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable, durable, reliable electrical components.

Steel cable containment and bracketry – we are proud to partner with OBO Bettermann, a world-class German manufacturer of steel cable containment products and systems. Their components are tested to the highest fire safety specifications while still offering excellent value to customers.

High-current busbars and modular wiring – working with Wieland, we can create flexible, modular designs that allow for greater flexibility of configuration within an installation, as well as offering greater safety and easy access for maintenance and upgrading of equipment.

DALI lighting controls and KNX building automation – ensure that temperature, air quality and lighting are perfectly controlled all year round and at all times of the day or night with our combination of DALI lighting and passive infrared (PIR) systems. Create distinct, smart-metered, secure zones throughout the building using our solutions from Delmatic and Jung.

Intelligent EV charging – from delivery fleets to company cars, our partnership with Zaptec is the surest way to ensure greener, more reliable commercial travel.

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Projects In Action

Featured Systems

Modular Wiring
Plug and Play to the Final Point

Manufactured and tested off-site for a fast installation on-site, our modular wiring solutions reduce costs and improve efficiency during your project and across the life of the building.

DALI Lighting Control Systems
Responsive technology, Total building control

Intelligent, scalable and modular, our Dali lighting control system is built on IOT open protocols for lean installation, optimised energy use and total flexibility in your building.

Steel Cable Containment
Route, Support, Protect

Ensure your cabling is safe, accessible and protected with our steel containment solutions. Fast and simple to install, and totally dependable over the life of your building, our tailored containment solutions will keep your building connected, no matter how harsh your environment.

EV Charging
Leading the Charge

We design and supply high-quality, scalable, future-proof EV charging solutions, using components exclusively supplied by our world-leading brand partners.

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