Desk Power and Ergonomics

Desk Power and Ergonomics

Desk Power and Ergonomics
Ciara McNerney

Ciara McNerney

Solutions Power & Steel Manager
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We integrate power and technology into your workplace. We design and supply underfloor to desk power solutions to suit all your requirements.

Power for every device at every workstation

Laptops, tablets, phones, projectors, gaming stations, point-of-sale terminals, precision tools – the list of devices that workstations need to accommodate is not just long, it’s ever-changing. Especially in hotdesking, co-working or hybrid spaces, it is crucial that even the most compact workstations can power, charge or network as needed, and that users are instantly comfortable, online and productive.

Together with our desk power and ergonomics partner, CMD, we can plan, supply and install every aspect of the modern workstation, from underfloor cabling and bus power to charging stations and monitor arms. From practical, standard on-desk power modules that work with any furniture and in any space, to sleek, stylish on-desk power modules ideal for boardrooms, business suites or hotel meeting rooms. Specialised tools and equipment can be accommodated by our configurable and rugged under-desk power modules.

Solutions CMD Harmony Power USB Desk Module

Instant, reliable power at any type of workstation

Changes in modern workspaces mean a greater need for powered, connected workstations beyond the traditional desk and chair arrangement. Hotdesking offices, co-working spaces, creative hubs and hybrid work/live spaces all need desk power that is reliable, futureproof and seamlessly networked.

Even large, traditional office spaces are disrupting their open-plan desk clumps in favour of breakout spaces, brainstorming zones and even outdoor meeting spaces. With our modular underfloor power wiring and zoned data cabling solutions, your organisation can respond to new trends and advances without compromising on power or network connectivity. You can add new equipment or reimagine the whole flow of your workspace without needing to make major wiring changes.

At the workstation level, you’re assured of peace of mind with our desk power solutions, knowing that every component is sourced, tested and installed to the highest possible standard.

Compatible – seamless connection and communication

Futureproof – add, adapt or adjust according to your business needs or future trends

Durable – robust components designed to withstand the wear and tear of raising and lowering standing desks, constant unplugging, switching and moving

Modular – quick and easy to install anywhere productivity and creativity happen

Solutions CMD Harmony Desk Power Module

Simple installation, instant productivity

Our fully compatible, high-quality desk power components are quick and easy to install without compromising on quality or performance.

Fast and flexible – workspaces are operational quickly and reliably; you can adjust them later if you need to.

Streamlined and cost-effective – pre-tested components and modular systems mean fewer resources required for installation, reducing costs, waste and complications.

Support guaranteed – our team of experts provides full support at all stages of your project, from designs and specs to user support.

When you choose the CMD suite of products through us for your project, you can register with us to get up to five years extended warranty, giving you total peace of mind long after handover.

Solutions CMD White Contour USB Desk Power Module

Powering devices, protecting users

When we supply and install desk power solutions for your business, we study your ergonomic needs. How your users sit or stand at their workstations, how quickly they can charge their devices, how easily they can access their tools – we have modules and components to answer all of these requirements. We also understand the importance of clear, clutter-free spaces where electrical or data connections are unobtrusive while being easily accessible and instantly functional.

Ergonomics – finish your desk power setup with accessories such as CPU stands, monitor arms and cable spines to keep desks clutter-free and support users’ health and safety whether they choose to sit or stand.

On-desk power and USB – also from CMD, our range of on-desk modules allow for safe, reliable and practical supply to any desk or workstation, permanent or temporary.

In-desk power and USB – manufactured by CMD, the leaders in power supply components, we offer a range of in-desk power and USB modules, hidden or open, which support fast charging, wireless charging and seamless integration into your furniture.

Under-desk power and USB – when you need high performance, bespoke power solutions with extra protection, or fully segregated power and data, choose one of our highly configurable under-desk modules. These modules are all independently certified to comply with BS 5733.

Solutions CMD Capsule Plus Reach Monitor arm

Accessible power, discreet style

When you need your power and data connections to be more stylish and sophisticated but meet the same technical specifications, talk to us about the Reveal range of discreet, built-in options. Deliver power, charging capabilities and data connections without visible sockets or cables, in keeping with your design aesthetic. Ideal for boardrooms, hotels, listed buildings or luxury homes.



Solutions X CMD

From the distribution board to the keyboard, we supply complete workstation power and ergonomic solutions that deliver dependability, responsiveness and comfort.

Customer Testimonials

Haworth Ireland has partnered with Solutions / Core Electrical on major contracts for over a decade. During this period they have proven to be excellent partners. Their product range meets all of our client’s needs, and their technical support on complex issues is excellent. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.

Willie Vance
Key Account Manager, Haworth IRL

Workplace Solutions

Brand Partner

We are specialist suppliers for CMD in Ireland, showing our commitment to the very best of established and new technology.


Creating solutions to meet the challenges of integrating power and media access for office workers, CMD provides a total product range of underfloor busbars, floor boxes, desk power and data modules. They are also ergonomics experts, offering CPU supports, monitor arms and cable management systems that enhance workplaces and mitigate the strains and stresses of desk work. Their products and systems are designed for quick and easy installations and are adaptable for contractors, clients and end-users.

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Industry Sectors

Commercial & Offices

From turnkey multinational headquarters to shell and core fit-outs, we are experts at designing and delivering electrical solutions for any type of office space or commercial building. With forty years of experience as engineers, designers and suppliers of high-quality electrical solutions, we deliver world-class electrical projects on time, on budget and to the most exacting standards.

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By supplying modular, prefabricated and totally contained electrical solutions, we help pharma facilities to maintain ultra-high safety and hygiene standards without compromising on accessibility or flexibility in their cabling systems.

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Data Centres

Our wealth of experience working on some of Europe’s key data centres makes us an ideal partner for these highly specialized projects. Data centres need to draw a large amount of power reliably and safely, while also being sustainable and economical. Working with our brand partners, we can deliver the high-quality solutions that data centres need to ensure operational excellence and business continuity for their customers.

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As the experts in designing and supplying robust, versatile, economical power solutions that encompass any type of environment, we are the ideal choice for buildings that need to serve large numbers of people on a day-to-day basis.

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