One of the world’s leading manufacturers of cable containment products and systems, OBO Bettermann has been pioneering new metal fastenings and routing products for over a century. This German company was founded by farmers with an interest in fencing and containment, so the transition into electrical infrastructure came naturally.

OBO Bettermann operates a global network, employing around 3,600 people in over 60 countries. The key to this company’s success is its focus on aligning its products exactly to the requirements of its customers from the electrical wholesaling and specialist infrastructure sectors. OBO’s engineers are always interested in finding elegant, cost-effective, sustainable and simple solutions to their customers’ needs, and can now apply the company’s “Building Connections” slogan to around 30,000 high-quality branded electrical products, services and application solutions.

Core Solutions is delighted to partner with OBO Bettermann in Ireland, supplying high-quality, economical and safe cable routing and containment systems that meet every fire and safety regulation while providing excellent value for money

OBO Pump House Containment

Products include

GR-Magic® mesh cable trays – a mesh cable tray with a patented connection system for rapid mounting and greater flexibility, this system needs neither connection components nor installation tools for a straight run, saving time and money on site.

BKRS walkable cable tray system – keeps cabling truly accessible by having it right underfoot, while still protected and clean. These cable ducts with covers are designed for the highest loads, and are ideal for use in the vicinity of machines or robotic systems.

Fire-rated steel containment systems – to protect escape routes and form part of a building’s active fire safety system, OBO Bettermann offers a range of fire-rated cable containment components to build a complete solution. Fire-rated systems are essential to protect the cabling that keeps lights on, keeps alarms and alerts running and keeps exits visible for anyone leaving the building.

OBO RKSM Magic Tray
cables-running-down-containment-tray-cable containment solutions
OBO-Bracket-scaled -cable containment solutions

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