We provide prefabricated solutions across our full range of systems. With less skilled labour needed on site, prefabrication is becoming the optimal choice for all of our clients.


Our prefabricated solutions help to streamline the installation process, save on labour costs and reduce waste on site.

Offering a more sustainable, streamlined, plug-and-play end product than traditional construction, modular construction is growing in popularity all the time. As their popularity grows, prefabricated components are becoming more common and are improving in quality. They are also becoming available at a variety of price points to suit all budgets.

As the leader in prefabricated solutions in Ireland, we can help you achieve your investment goals in your electrical installation in a smarter, more sustainable way.

Save time – our solutions are constructed, assembled and fully tested in our own facility first, minimising the time needed for the installation on the project site.

Save space – only the necessary components are delivered to the project site, and delivery is completely predictable, so less storage space is needed before the installation begins, and there is less waste to clear afterwards.

Save staff costs – everything is prefabricated, pretested and ready to click or plug into place, so you don’t need specialist electrical installers on site.

Core Solutions Prefabrication Lighting Control Panel

Prefabrication not only saves time and resources, it reduces risk on your project during the installation phase and over the life of the building.

Pretested – preassembled, pretested solutions greatly reduce the risk of malfunctions or missing components during installation.

Pre-agreed – with only the necessary components delivered to site and a clear plan for their installation, the risk of change orders or scope overlap during installation is practically eliminated.

Precise and predictable – prefabricated solutions need to be fully planned and costed before installation, which makes them much less susceptible to either cost or scheduling overruns.

Solutions Underfloor Modular Wiring Homerun

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