Our systems combine cutting-edge hardware and software with a range of powerful user controls and interfaces.Our knowledgeable and skilled team has extensive experience in completing large-scale residential projects, and we are confident that our prefabricated, modular solutions can deliver the fast results and high standards that specifiers in this sector require.


Our ability to deliver user-friendly, future-proof electrical solutions while still keeping to strict schedules and budgets makes us the ideal partner for any large scale residential construction or fit-out project. We can deliver plug-and-play systems that grow to meet the demands of an ever-evolving residential sector. We approach each project with the passion and knowledge that comes with forty years of experience.

Lean installations that produce safe, sustainable results are essential in the residential sector. Our solutions deliver in both of these areas, time after time.

Accelerated project schedules – we have plug-and-play solutions that are fast and easy to install, need no specialist installation equipment or staff and leave no waste materials or significant clean-up behind.

Compliance with government regulations and industry standards – our solutions and installations will ensure that your completed project complies with LEED/BREEAM standards on energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as safety standards such as I.S. 10101:2020. We also comply with all health and safety standards related to accessing electrical equipment during installation and maintenance.

Customised soft landings plan – the team liaises closely with the client during the initial occupation phase to ensure a seamless transition to regular daily use. This period after practical completion is often neglected, but for us it is one of the most interesting and rewarding phases of any project. This is when daily use tests the systems we have put in place, and when we can truly refine and optimise our solutions so that they continue to meet the needs of users for years to come.



Through our strong relationships with suppliers of some of the world’s leading electrical infrastructure for residential developments, we can build solutions around the very best components for our clients.

DALI lighting controls and KNX building automation – provide safe, appropriate lighting and automated building access using our building management systems from Delmatic and Jung. Built on the latest open protocols, our building automation solutions use minimal power while still providing self-monitoring, automatic fault reporting and smart metering.

EV charging – with our high-quality charging solutions from Zaptec Go, residents can be sure that their charging points are reliable and sustainable. Controlled access and correct billing are also easy to set up and monitor.

Smart home technology – for luxury developments, we can create bespoke home automation solutions built on responsive, sophisticated components from Jung. From granular climate control to individualised lighting and music patterns, our solutions bring the future home

Solutions Zaptec Pro EV Charger Car Park

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Featured Systems

EV Charging
Leading the Charge

We design and supply high-quality, scalable, future-proof EV charging solutions, using components exclusively supplied by our world-leading brand partners.

DALI Lighting Control Systems
Responsive technology, Total building control

Intelligent, scalable and modular, our Dali lighting control system is built on IOT open protocols for lean installation, optimised energy use and total flexibility in your building.

Private: Building Automation
Luxury, Bespoke Wiring Accessories

Imagine truly smart living spaces, powered by future-proof technology and accessed through flawlessly designed products to suit every taste and design scheme. Get inspired!

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