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DALI Lighting Control Systems

DALI Lighting Control Systems
Jay Byrne

Jay Byrne

Solutions Controls Manager
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Intelligent, scalable and modular, our DALI 2 lighting control solution is built on IoT open protocols for lean installation, optimised energy use and total flexibility in your building.

The future is open

The connectivity of our DALI lighting control system is based around the industry-standard digital addressable lighting interface (DALI 2), an open protocol that provides a common language for communication between different devices, from any compliant manufacturer, on a single lighting network.

We offer an extensive range of DALI 2 sensors, devices and peripherals to build your network. We will also help you choose the perfect DALI 2 module to control your network and integrate other building automation services as needed, using other key open protocols.

MQTT – an ISO standard that is designed to minimise network bandwidth and device resource requirements, without compromising speed or connectivity, conserving energy and balancing the network load.

LON and IP BACnet – international standards for integrated services, these protocols are designed to future-proof your network and ensure that different devices from different manufacturers can report clearly and respond to control commands.

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Granular control, long-term savings

Combining open protocols, world-class components and our expertise in design and engineering, we can take your building’s lighting control beyond timers and motion detectors to build you a network that offers so much more.

Emergency monitoring – bring your emergency lighting and general lighting onto one network for easier emergency light testing and simplified network architecture. The system tests, monitors and reports on itself to ensure it is ready if you ever need it.

Biodynamic control – the quality of light we experience can affect our mood and our ability to concentrate. Our lighting solutions offer biodynamic controls so that you can build person-centered lighting schemes that benefit your users the most. Allow your lighting scheme to mimic the daylight outside, or create activity-appropriate zones within your building to help delineate working, relaxing, and meeting areas.

Heat mapping – show at a glance the flow of people around your building throughout the day so that you can see how the space is used. Our solutions use passive infrared detection (PIR) to take data streams from a network of sensors to track the movement of people through a building, revealing hotspots, busy times and underused spaces. Use this information to adjust your lighting and conditions accordingly, reducing costs and saving energy in the process.

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Simple installation, sustainable networks

For optimal results, we recommend combining DALI 2 controls with our modular wiring solutions, which are prefabricated and tested off-site for a truly minimal, lean installation process. This arrangement gives you the maximum benefits in terms of simple installation, total connectivity and future-proofing your building.

Even with your existing cabling, however, installation and configuration is still a simple operation thanks to key open standards and protocols.

Configuring your intelligent lighting system is likely to be an ongoing process, as you optimise your devices and your network over time. Our commitment to the Soft Landings framework means we will ensure a seamless transition from installation to operation, and will continue to support and advise you on refining your network. We can also support you with maintenance, modifications and future expansion or upgrading.

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Responsive systems, many applications

While commercial buildings and offices may want to completely automate controls based on the usage data collected from the network, other buildings can benefit hugely from an integrated intelligent lighting and building automation system.

Data Centres and Pharmaceutical  – monitor activity, control access from a central station. Provide simple apps and buttons to control functions within the data hall or manufacturing areas.

In all these environments, users will expect access to control the system themselves. Clear apps, responsive switches and informative readout panels hide the complexity of the system from users while ensuring that they can perform any function at the touch of a button.

Smart sensors can manage devices based on occupancy , saving energy while maintaining an occupied look during periods when the property is vacant.

Hotels – guest-room systems can integrate with front office and room-booking solutions to turn on power in a room, unlock doors and pre-set lighting and temperature controls. For an extra touch of luxury, you can even store and recall lighting and temperature preferences for returning guests.

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Sophisticated design, total control

Our passion for the possibilities of these truly interconnected, sustainable, electrical systems and our years of experience with electrical projects at every scale make us the ideal partner for your smart lighting project. We can help to design and engineer seamlessly integrated, high-performance systems that comply with all safety and quality regulations, such as LEED and BREEAM.

Our engineers and designers will evaluate your business and technological requirements – such as layout, application, addressing and monitoring – to recommend the optimal DALI approach for your building now and in the future.

We will work with you on every detail of the project and help you to craft an elegant and beneficial solution, while also achieving energy savings, reductions in capital and installation costs and operational savings over the life of your building

Solutions DALI Meeting Room Lighting Control

Solutions X Delmatic

Delmatic’s connected sensors create virtual maps of a building with up-to-the-second information on areas in use. This unique knowledge of occupancy and daylight levels throughout a building is shared in real time with other connected services so that not just lighting, but also heating, cooling, small power and other energy-consuming services are all linked to occupancy and daylight.

Customer Testimonial

Solutions assisted Jones in commissioning and handing over their Delmatic lighting control system in a recent project. From the initial kick-off meeting with the site team, through the installation and to the demonstrations at handover, the Solutions team were hands-on and assisted us at every opportunity to excellent standards. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail are what make them stand out from the rest in the industry.


Robert Cleary
Project Manager, Jones Engineering Group

DALI Lighting Control In Action

Brand Partner

We partner with international industry leaders, Delmatic, to bring you the very best in automated lighting.


For almost 60 years, Delmatic has been a leader in lighting control systems, pioneering much of the technology we use today. They continue to develop innovative solutions for an international client base. Their commitment to their clients and to exciting, sustainable, new technology matches our own, making them an ideal partner for us in Ireland.

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Industry Sectors


By supplying modular, prefabricated and totally contained electrical solutions, we help pharma facilities to maintain ultra-high safety and hygiene standards without compromising on accessibility or flexibility in their cabling systems.

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As the experts in designing and supplying robust, versatile, economical power solutions that encompass any type of environment, we are the ideal choice for buildings that need to serve large numbers of people on a day-to-day basis.

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Data Centres

Our wealth of experience working on some of Europe’s key data centres makes us an ideal partner for these highly specialized projects. Data centres need to draw a large amount of power reliably and safely, while also being sustainable and economical. Working with our brand partners, we can deliver the high-quality solutions that data centres need to ensure operational excellence and business continuity for their customers.

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Commercial & Offices

From turnkey multinational headquarters to shell and core fit-outs, we are experts at designing and delivering electrical solutions for any type of office space or commercial building. With forty years of experience as engineers, designers and suppliers of high-quality electrical solutions, we deliver world-class electrical projects on time, on budget and to the most exacting standards.

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