In partnership with you, our team will analyse your electrical, budgetary and scheduling needs, then create unique, powerful solutions to meet them.


We specialise in electrical solutions that fulfil the most ambitious design briefs while controlling costs, meeting project deadlines and fully complying with all regulations.

Combining cutting-edge technology with creative flair and forty years’ experience in electrical installations, we help you to design solutions that are elegant, functional and future proof.

Innovative – always at the forefront of technology in our field, we can recommend the latest, most sustainable, most appropriate solution to meet your electrical needs.

Integrated – our designs are built on modular solutions using open protocols, so they are easy to scale and integrate while still being secure and safe.

Intelligent – the finished design will produce the best possible result while making the best use of space and resources.

As an ISO 9001 company, we are committed to client-centred, clear processes at every stage of the design and consultancy period. We will ensure that all decisions and revisions are carefully documented and communicated so that the final design is fully costed and accurately scheduled.

Coordinated – we understand that large projects need the input of many stakeholders with different focuses and timelines. We provide clear documentation and reporting at every stage of the process so that everyone is fully informed about the direction and progress of the project.

Communicated – we establish clients’ expectations and targets at the beginning of the design process so that key performance indicators can be set and managed as the project moves along.

Cost-effective – our prefabricated, pretested solutions are quick and easy to install, which brings considerable cost savings during the project itself. Most importantly, our solutions continue to bring savings over the life of the building through efficient energy use, compatibility with other systems and future-proof technology that extends the life of the installation.

Compliant – our sustainable, robust designs will ensure that your project complies with current regulations and standards, including BREAAM and LEED

Core Solutions Design Drawings

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