Fibonacci Square

Fibonacci Square
563,000 sq. ft

Modular wiring, lighting control, and an integrated, sustainable underfloor-to-desktop solution.


The Story

Fibonacci Square is the redevelopment of the AIB Bank Centre site in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Upon completion, it will be the residence of Facebook’s European HQ Campus. It will consist of two, six-storey office buildings, constructed over three levels of basement. It is an exciting new development, which will bring more tech-based jobs to the country.

The property, amongst many other re-developments happening in the city, is set to be one of Dublin’s most prestigious office locations. The two buildings will sit on existing parklands with a tree-lined perimeter. A glass bridge will connect the two office blocks, with a sunken garden plaza in the centre.

The Solution

We provided our client with state-of-the-art IoT technology for their lighting control system and plug-and-play modular wiring components. This allows for decentralized building automation that is easy to engineer and provides total flexibility for future requirements.

We also installed an integrated underfloor-to-desktop power solution. The full system included components from our internationally recognized partners Wieland, Delmatic and CMD.

The Success

With our smart, sustainable and connected systems, we were able to design a complete solution fully tailored to our client. Beginning with modular wiring and intelligent lighting control, and leading to a complete underfloor-to-desk system, we were able to exceed our clients’ expectations.

The building is set to achieve a LEED Gold Rating. With all our system components being LEED-certified, we can assure the client sustainability for their current and future requirements.








Featured Systems

Modular Wiring
Plug and Play to the Final Point

Manufactured and tested off-site for a fast installation on-site, our modular wiring solutions reduce costs and improve efficiency during your project and across the life of the building.

DALI Lighting Control Systems
Responsive technology, Total building control

Intelligent, scalable and modular, our Dali lighting control system is built on IOT open protocols for lean installation, optimised energy use and total flexibility in your building.

Underfloor Power
Plug into the Future

When you need reliable power and data with fast installation times and flexible configuration possibilities, our underfloor wiring solutions will ensure you make the very best use of any space.

Desk Power and Ergonomics
Connecting Power and People

We integrate power and technology into your workplace. We design and supply underfloor to desk power solutions to suit all your requirements.

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