With over 60 years at the forefront of lighting technology, Delmatic is an internationally renowned supplier of advanced, innovative, open-protocol solutions for projects at every scale.

Core Solutions is excited to partner with Delmatic to provide cutting edge lighting installations that are full of innovations in saving energy, streamlining installation and ensuring sustainability, while also reducing costs and making advanced controls intuitive and accessible for everyone.

Lighting is a truly exciting field for modern electrical installations. It is where modern IoT technology and the essential electrical infrastructure can blend to produce a more responsive, more economical, more future proof building. Using open standards and the highest quality components, Delmatic products are the ideal foundation on which to build a truly modern lighting and building management system.

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Delmatic products are built on open architecture, they can share occupancy data and patterns with other systems in a building so that all the energy-consuming services – lighting, HVAC, security, workstation power – can be linked to occupancy. Delmatic products support the following industry-standard open protocols:

DALI-2 – controls lighting using sustainable, open communication techniques that use minimal energy.

Lon – an international open protocol that allows building services to share information and hardware, thus enhancing operational and energy efficiency and reducing capital cost.

BACnet – an international open protocol that allows multiple devices to communicate across building automation systems.

MQTT – a standard protocol designed to minimise network bandwidth and resource requirements when devices on a network communicate. It is the protocol of choice for IoT integration.

Products include:

Network components – routers, switchers, presence detectors, sensors, distribution boxes and more, all controlling a range of functions including lighting, movement and communication.

Device management products – touch panels, touch pads, scene-set panels, apps and IP-phones that enable users to manage and adjust lighting to suit their preferences and tasks. All Delmatic controls are intuitive and easy to use. Web applications also provide desktop controls to set scenes and lighting levels as well as integrating with PCs to link lighting with non-active or absent periods.

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