Founded in Germany in 1912, JUNG is a premium supplier of modern building technology based around the three principles of progress, design and quality. From lighting to blinds, air conditioning to energy monitoring, security and door communication to multimedia controls, JUNG has systems and components to cover all areas of modern electrical installations.

Innovation, passion and precision guide the development of all JUNG products, resulting in a consistency in design and form as well as the appropriate solution for every requirement. Functional but elegant light switches, sleek but intuitive door panels and wireless or KNX-based applications, JUNG products ensure that any building can be comprehensively equipped with the highest technical and design quality.

JUNG’s KNX solutions for smart homes, hospitality settings and high-end commercial developments are designed to be highly functional and easy to operate. JUNG components offer total comfort for users, greater economy and energy efficiency for the owner of the building – a perfect combination of form and function.

With its commitment to manufacturing in Germany, JUNG focuses on high product quality, precise processing and sustainable development. Its forward-thinking methods, emphasis on quality and commitment to delivering the very best results for all projects makes JUNG an ideal brand partner for Core Solutions in Ireland.


Products include

The LS range of light switches – promising timeless elegance, total reliability and instant responsiveness, the LS range is available in plastic or metal, flush or surface-mounted versions, and even in 63 original Les Couleurs© Le Corbusier colours.

The A range of light switches – providing an exciting variety of shapes, colours and materials, this range offers frames made of glass or plastic in particularly striking designs.

The CD range of light switches – available in rugged thermoplastic breakproof versions or stylish coloured versions, this designer range is a discreet and special living accessory.


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