19,500 sq m

Supplying a global tech company’s European headquarters with a world-class power solution.

The Story

The Docks building stands as one of the tallest commercial buildings in Dublin. It comprises 19,500 square metres of prime office space spread over 15 floors. It is located in Dublin City on the water’s edge of the Grand Canal Docklands.

Docks was designed to have a BREEAM Excellent rating, with numerous sustainable features. It has solar control and water recycling as well as state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning systems.

The stunning building has become the prime location for the European headquarters of one of the world’s leading tech companies.

The Solution

We provided our client with state-of-the-art IoT technology for their lighting control system and plug-and-play modular wiring components. This allows for decentralized building automation that is easy to engineer and provides total flexibility for future requirements.

We also installed an integrated underfloor-to-desktop power solution, bringing power to over 3,000 workstations. The full system included components from our internationally recognized partners Wieland, Delmatic and CMD.

The Success

With our smart, sustainable, and connected systems, we were able to design a complete solution fully tailored to our client. Beginning with modular wiring, intelligent lighting control, and leading to a complete underfloor-to-desk system, we were able to exceed our client’s expectations.

This was a challenging project and one of our highest specification fit-outs in recent years. We delivered a beautifully finished solution to this prestigious company’s satisfaction with the best quality products.

Featured Systems

Private: Building Automation
Luxury, Bespoke Wiring Accessories

Imagine truly smart living spaces, powered by future-proof technology and accessed through flawlessly designed products to suit every taste and design scheme. Get inspired!

DALI Lighting Control Systems
Responsive technology, Total building control

Intelligent, scalable and modular, our Dali lighting control system is built on IOT open protocols for lean installation, optimised energy use and total flexibility in your building.

Modular Wiring
Plug and Play to the Final Point

Manufactured and tested off-site for a fast installation on-site, our modular wiring solutions reduce costs and improve efficiency during your project and across the life of the building.

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