Smart Solutions powering EV into the future

Smart Solutions powering EV into the future

The market is experiencing a fantastic rise in the demand in electric vehicles (EV) consequently to the upcoming implementation of green policies in Europe. With this in mind, it is more important than ever that businesses, parking owners and landlords step up the pace toward compliance.

Discover how Core Solutions can help you get there. Combining innovative flat cable technology and advanced charging station infrastructure, we deliver the best electric vehicle (EV) charging solution in the market…

Toward a more sustainable Europe

An increasing number of European countries are currently implementing policies to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles. These measures come as part of an important strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.

For instance, in Norway, the National Transportation Plan requires that, by 2025, all new passenger cars should be zero-emission vehicles. This requirement instantly puts electric and hybrid cars in the spotlight; and correspondingly, the infrastructure that is required to charge them.

Zaptec EV Charger plugin

Today’s electric vehicle market

In Ireland, by 2025, new non-residential buildings require to have at least one recharging point for every ten parking spaces. This requirement comes ahead of the ban that the country is enforcing in 2030.

The purchase of electric cars in 2022 has already significantly bumped up:

  • In Ireland: New electric car registrations reached their highest month on record with 2,714 registered in January 2022 (+178%), compared to 977 January 2021.

To ensure compliance is reached in time, businesses, parking owners and landlords also need to get ready to meet the ever-rising demand from EV users. Sustainability, cost-efficiency, and project acceleration are significant factors when installing electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

** Data collected by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) up to January 2022 – Over 25,000 New Cars Registered in January, significant growth for electric and hybrid vehicles | SIMI

Zaptec Pro EV Charger car park

Electric vehicles charging requirements

EVs are becoming more and more popular. The market is awash with companies offering chargers and charging systems. As new ones are regularly popping up it is getting harder to know which model to choose!

Here are some of the typical concerns raised when selecting an electric vehicle charging station solution:

  • Limited power availability. Most charging systems only allow between 7 to 10 cars to charge at once before queuing the system.
  • Unfair use of the power available. The energy required to charge up vehicles is far from optimal.
  • Scaling the installation.With most systems, it is a complicated and expensive operation.
  • Not all charging points offer adequate protection from DC leakage, both in the building and with the charger itself.
  • Future-proofing of the system. Many systems on the market can’t keep up with the fast evolution of technologies.
  • Limitations to expanding. Once in place, most installations cannot be adapted to any upgrades of the space or needs.
  • Monitoring and maintenance. Services following the installation are often demanding and costly, and can considerably increase operational costs.
  • Access to the portal. Many suppliers provide them at an extra cost.
Zaptec EV Charger dual

There are three essential things to look at when picking the right EV charging system:

  1. Make sure it is CE marked In other words, the manufacturer guarantees the product meets the requirements stipulated by the authorities.
  2. Each connection point for AC charging must be individually protected by current-based earth fault protection with a trip threshold not exceeding 30 mA (safety requirement). Therefore, EV chargers should have inbuilt earth fault protection. It prevents people from getting an electric shock if there is a fault in an electrical installation or equipment connected to it.
  3. Type B protection is smarter and more immune than a charging station with Type A protection and DC current detection. Type A protection is not guaranteed to function at DC currents exceeding 6 mA. Hence, we strongly recommend choosing an EV charger infrastructure with type B.

High-performance electric vehicle charging solution

To tackle all of the above problems, Core Solutions has, in fact, developed a unique electric vehicle charging system. We combine innovative flat cables from Woertz with charging stations from Zaptec, to create an elaborate system suitable for your parking needs.

ZapCharger Pro is the most advanced charging station solution on the market. It comes with a 5-year warranty and free access to the cloud-based portal.

ZapCharger Pro_016_2

Step 1. Intelligent flat cable system

We design the system based on an intelligent cabling system that uses flat cables to create a distribution circuit. The flat cable system seamlessly connects all the stations in place of conventional wiring. To make EV charging available for all users, the system only requires one single cable with electricity and communications for all charging stations. No cable interruption, no stripping, no waste, less containment, no special tools required, therefore avoiding any phase crossing mistake. Just a flexible, extendable, and easy to install infrastructure which evolves as you need


Step 2. Charging stations

Once the flat cable system is in place, the clip-in backplates plug directly to the wall- or column-mounted charging station, as needed. For this reason, customers can choose the most optimal solution for their own scaling needs. A single 63A 3 phase circuit can support the charge of up to 100 electric cars over a 24-hour period.

Step 3. Cost-efficient installation

Once you get your infrastructure installed, you can decide to add the charging stations with branching boxes at any location. Even better, non-certified personnel can easily do the installation on the existing infrastructure, providing total flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Zaptec EV Pro Charger in underground

Step 4. Flexible and expandable installation

No additional work or investment in the fuse cabinet, cabling or extra equipment are required to scale the existing setup with charging stations. We connect new charging points to the existing infrastructure.

Step 5. User-friendly system

The hardware connects to a cloud solution for advanced configuration, monitoring, load balancing algorithms and more functionalities. Users of different levels get free access to these functionalities through a portal. Multiple users can share a single charging station, thanks to the user authentication configured using RFID tags or an app. This administrator tool helps save on operational costs for energy- and power-based tariffs and ensures a fair use for everyone.

ZapCharger Pro_public pillar

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