Monta signs first partnership in Ireland with Core Solutions

Monta signs first partnership in Ireland with Core Solutions

Software provider Monta and EV installation experts Core Solutions are partnering together to provide an end-to-end charging solution in Ireland

Electric vehicle (EV) software provider Monta and Core Solutions, one of Ireland’s largest installation providers, have partnered together to provide robust charging solutions across Ireland.

The partnership will kick off with the installation of 50 charge points in workplaces and multi-unit developments across Ireland, combining high quality hardware installation with easy-to-use charging software.

Chargers will be equipped with Monta’s software to enable easy management of the charge point. Users will also be able to access Monta’s feature rich app which provides roaming, payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay, and other useful tools for EV drivers.

Core Solutions will be using Monta as its exclusive software provider in Ireland, and the two companies say that the partnership will provide seamless charger installation with reliable servicing and management.

“We’re excited to launch our first partnership in Ireland” said Max Scherer, COO at Monta. “Core Solutions have a great reputation for providing thoughtful and purposeful EV charge point installations. Our platform will support Core Solutions by providing reliable software that makes EV charging flexible and fuss free in the workplace” Scherer concludes.

John McDonagh, Managing Director at Core Solutions, said: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Monta, the most reliable, scalable, and seamless EV charging solution there is. Working together with Monta we will unlock the full potential of our EV charging installations and place our clients on the best path for success in the new EV landscape.”

Since 1981 Core Solutions has been providing innovative electrical installations from their office in Dublin. Their mission is to provide outstanding end to end experiences for their customers and to create a greener, quieter, safer driving future for businesses and homes across Ireland.

Available as a web-based app, Monta allows businesses to manage their charge points, track energy consumption, usage, and costs in real time. Monta also provides a consumer app which allows users to share their charge point, access roaming networks, and view their charging data.


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