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WuXi Biologics

WuXi Biologics
WuXi Biologics
48,000 sq. m

An intelligent, scalable and modular lighting control, modular wiring and EV charging solution for one of the world’s largest single-use bioreactor facilities.


The Story

WuXi Biologics is China’s leading end-to-end biologics solution provider. The newly finished Dundalk facility will be its first facility located outside China. Located halfway between Dublin and Belfast, the facility provides a lot of job possibilities for those living in proximity.

€325 million was invested into the construction of the facility. The jobs at the Dundalk facility will range from manufacturing, technical and quality assurance roles to administration roles. WuXi Biologics Ireland is now one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical facilities using single-use bioreactor technology.

The Solution

We designed, installed, and commissioned a full modular wiring and lighting control system on the premises. The full system was based on open protocol IoT technology, with sensors to detect movement in the building and provide the correct amount of energy to the areas where it is needed. This solution is perfect for a large installation like this.

We also installed our EV charging solutions in the car parks of the facility. We designed a complete solution tailored to the client and their needs. We installed our Zaptec Pro chargers on the premises. These chargers are state-of-the-art technology, emitting up to 22kw of power per charger.

The Success

Our installations on WuXi have been a huge success, meeting the client’s requirements while exceeding their expectations. All of the systems were completely tailored to the client and were designed, installed and commissioned by our own team.

Many components were prefabricated and pretested off site, which meant that less skilled labour was needed on site during installation. The modular nature of such a solution means that the systems are fully future proof, allowing the facility to adapt and modify the configuration without disruption or substantial additional cost.

Featured Systems

Modular Wiring
Plug and Play to the Final Point

Manufactured and tested off-site for a fast installation on-site, our modular wiring solutions reduce costs and improve efficiency during your project and across the life of the building.

DALI Lighting Control Systems
Responsive technology, Total building control

Intelligent, scalable and modular, our Dali lighting control system is built on IOT open protocols for lean installation, optimised energy use and total flexibility in your building.

EV Charging
Leading the Charge

We design and supply high-quality, scalable, future-proof EV charging solutions, using components exclusively supplied by our world-leading brand partners.

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