Established in the UK in 1984, CMD Ltd are a leading provider of solutions for seamlessly integrating power and technology into architecture and workstations in today’s commercial environments. They provide a complete product range to connect and support every user, from underfloor power distribution to desk cable management and ergonomics.

CMD Ltd products can be found in an array of the most high-profile commercial office, retail spaces and hospitality venues internationally. Their range of ergonomic and desk power products are also ideal for home office users, helping to transform spare rooms and dining tables into safe, comfortable working spaces.

CMD Ltd prides itself on offering a full range of connectivity, from power-track and power hub systems to floor boxes and access grommets, as well as versatile and robust desk modules to suit every need. Their products are rugged and practical, able to take the wear and tear of constant daily use. They are also discreet and sophisticated, ensuring that workstations are design-forward as well as technically compliant, and floor boxes are elegant as well as powerful and able to take the heaviest traffic.

Solutions CMD Capsule Plus Reach Monitor arm

Products include

Underfloor busbar, floor boxes (including flush floor boxes, raised floor boxes and in-screed floor boxes) desk power modules (including on-desk, in-desk and under-desk modules), USB charging desk modules, CPU supports, monitor arms, cable management solutions and lighting busbar.

With intelligent, safe, flexible products that are designed and developed to be quick, easy and highly adaptable for contractors, clients and end-users, CMD Ltd provides competitively priced, high-quality products to connect users from the circuit board to the keyboard.

We at Core Solutions are proud to partner with a company that features an unrivalled technical specification team, a strong focus on customer service and a commitment to continue reducing their impact on the environment.

Solutions CMD Contour USB Desk Power Module
Solutions CMD Powertrack Powerhub Desk Modules Floorbox

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