CSL Behring

CSL Behring
CSL Behring
250 acres

A high-performance cable containment solution acts as a project accelerator in a European pharmaceutical establishment.


The Story

With over a century of experience in the treatment of various diseases worldwide, CSL Behring specialises in the manufacture of biotherapeutic products. The company is committed to its patients and to finding cures for diseases such as blood clotting disorders, immunological diseases, enzymatic deficits and other rare conditions.

The Solution

Working with our trusted partner, the German manufacturer OBO Bettermann, we delivered a high-quality steel cable management system, provided with static load calculations to confirm the support system proposed was adequate to carry cable loads.

Direct deliveries organized from the manufacturers’ facilities in Menden proved to be a major time saver for the project.

The Success

Our cable management system was a high-performance and cost-effective solution for our client. The project was delivered within a significant time frame and provided adequate support for the cabling required in the facility.


Featured Systems

Steel Cable Containment
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Ensure your cabling is safe, accessible and protected with our steel containment solutions. Fast and simple to install, and totally dependable over the life of your building, our tailored containment solutions will keep your building connected, no matter how harsh your environment.

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