With subsidiaries in Germany and the US, and representatives in more than twenty countries, the Swiss company Woertz has been a valuable partner in electrical installation technology for over ninety years. Woertz provides flat cabling systems that enable fast installation without special tools, reduced installation costs and high-quality power and data delivery over the lifetime of the installation. Their patented flat cabling system ensures error-free installation as well as minimising connection resistance and energy losses, thanks to the insulation-piercing technology it uses. In fact, Woertz estimates a reduction in installation costs of 30 percent – even 60 percent in the case of extensions – versus a traditional cabling installation.

As Irish brand partner for Woertz flat cabling systems, Core Solutions is pleased to offer our clients such a powerful, versatile, cost-effective way to power any installation

Core Solutions Flatcable and EV Chargers

Products include

Flat cables – safe, reliable, easy to install and easy to maintain, Woertz flat cables are available in a range of sizes to reliably deliver power, DALI, data or a combination throughout any type of building. With these systems, you can create connections and junctions directly and efficiently without breaks and at any time after installation. Comfort, reliability, flexibility and optimal cost-benefit ratio are guaranteed.

Junction boxes – creating connections and branches quickly and efficiently without breaking the cable, Woertz junction boxes use patented piercing contacts to install connections and contacts in a matter of seconds. Unique to Woertz’s flat cable systems, these boxes can be installed at any time, offering true flexibility and future-proofing of any electrical system.

Fire-safety systems – Woertz’s fire-rated cabling can be used as part of a building’s active fire safety system to ensure that required functions remain operational for as long as required. Like Woertz’s other flat-cable systems, they are also easy to install, maintain and extend for a truly flexible and safe electrical installation.


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