Our Kempower DC charging solutions are the fastest and most efficient all weather chargers on the market. They are the single most effective solution for operations where speed, reliability and user friendliness are key factors. Scalable, Modular and dynamic charging Solutions. Clean public transportation and more sustainable delivery of goods are becoming a global norm. Market leading depot and one-stop charging stations provide you with a cutting-edge network of chargers for a wide range of commercial electric vehicles.


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The Movable Charger – offers benefits for Multiple EV charging options, as it can be quickly relocated providing instant charging for when and where you need it most. It is the perfect Solution for depots, logistic centres, car dealers, workshops, event organisers, heavy vehicle service shops, or any location where relocatable fast charging is required. Fixed location Installation or temporary locking available.

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Satellite Charger – This type of Satellite post can be used for destination charging or as a complimentary service at shopping centres, hotel parking, and similar variants of AC Satellite, including a regular charging pole with two Type 2 AC charging sockets and a more user-friendly version with two integrated charging cables with Type 2 AC charging plugs. Both AC Satellites feature an integrated, MID-approved Class B energy meter that is required for public charging services for plug-in hybrids as well as for full electric vehicles. AC Satellite’s charging cable support is based on a spring that both supports and stretches when needed for user convenience.


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