ZAPTEC is a young, Norwegian tech company that in just a few years’ time has become a world-leading producer of smart EV (Electric Vehicles) charging stations.

In Norway, Zaptec are the market leader in providing EV charging station installations for housing cooperatives and companies.

Their objective is to make your day easier and to save our environment. Their engineers, technologists and developers aim to change the way we think about energy consumption, infrastructure and renewable energy. Zaptec have developed a unique technology that facilitates the production of user-friendly charging stations that fit your needs – today and in the future.

Zaptec EV chargers is the most intelligent and scalable EV charging system for electric cars and is exclusively distributed by Core Solutions in Ireland.

Products include

Zaptec Go – the world’s smallest 22kW EV charger, the Zaptec Go is a sure way to power any journey. Built on leading-edge Norwegian green technology, it is as smart inside as it is simple outside.

Zaptec Pro – the top model of EV charging stations, this smart and efficient charger is ideal for larger parking spaces in businesses and large-scale housing developments. The Zaptec Pro is now vailable in an even more resilient finish with a self-closing cover. 4G in every charging station ensures seamless communication between charging stations at all times, and allows more affordable installation without needing extra network solutions. Zaptec Pro also supports Plug & Charge (ISO 15118), ready for when cars can communicate directly with the station.

Charging columns – developed, designed and produced in Norway to the highest specifications and safety standards.

Apps and software – to monitor, balance and optimise the load between various charging stations and to ensure that charging uses the power available in the smartest possible way.

Core Solutions Zaptec Pro EV Charger person plugging in

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