Founded in Germany in 1910, Wieland Electric has sold electrical products all over the world since 1970, and is now recognised as a world leader in producing flexible and pluggable installation solutions for functional buildings. Their 7-pole gesis® NRG flat cable system allows power and data to be supplied in a single cable, and the directly pluggable gesis® installation connector systems allow distribution to the user. The result is a neat, structured solution that is simple to install, intuitive to use and easy to adapt and extend as needed.

As well as continually innovating its product range to meet the ever-changing demands of modern electrical systems, Wieland Electric takes its commitments to sustainability very seriously. From the design phase through manufacturing and distribution, Wieland Electric pays close attention to saving resources and recycles waste in a targeted manner. Its products are also used wherever sustainable energy infrastructures are being put in place.

At Core Solutions, we are happy to build solutions for our clients around Wieland Electric products. We believe they represent excellent quality and value for money for modern installations

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Products include

The gesis® flat cable system- This combination of cable and busbar enables outputs to be installed and removed easily without ever having to cut or strip the cable. Because the cable is highly flexible and requires very little space for routing, planning and installation are simplified. This cable system also carries power and data in a single cable inside buildings, offering full building automation using DALI and KNX components. The system is also fully compatible with the world of gesis® CLASSIC, ensuring a smooth transition from one generation of electrics to the next.

Lighting control modules, underfloor power distribution, desk power systems, IP65 pluggable systems and complete building prefabricated modular wiring systems in modern environments all use this market-leading solution to deliver reliable, safe power and data instantly

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