Founded in Denmark, Monta isĀ pioneering a new layer of software technology to launch, manage and scale all your EV charging needs & operations. Monta is proud to provide a leading back-end system to manage the varied EV charging needs of Solutions EV.

Monta group picture

The App

For end users, the Monta App grants access to a vast network of charge points, as well as direct control over their home charging. The app integrates directly with the car and Monta APIs can also be used to extend functionality.

Monta portal

The Portal

With the Monta Portal users and operators have complete access and control over all chargers in their network and a wide range of features that enable full customization and tailoring, according to your charging needs.

Monta portal
Solutions Zaptec EV Pro Charger in Underground Carpark
Core Solutions Zaptec Pro EV Charger person plugging in

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